29 Nov 2016

Happy Sellers

Following their invitation to have our family residence of some 30 years valued by Patterson Real Estate, my aged mother contacted the company accepting their offer for a no obligation valuation.

My mother, after having had a complete hip replacement was already considering downsize; to live closer to family and had actually sighted a suitable property in Sydney.

Under guidance of Patterson Real Estate Licensed Agent Sherryl Robinson, the property value was assessed and the mechanics of placing the property on the market were fully explained.

The valuation advanced by Patterson Real Estate appeared to be quite reasonable considering the age of the property and its condition and if achieved under sale, the cost of changeover for my mother would be minimal.

A number of interested buyers inspected our property prior to first open day – and even though open day was quite busy, one of the earlier buyers indicated interest and in a very short time, followed through with the purchase.

Throughout the process of the selling of the property, Sherryl was always available for advice and assurance that things were going to fit our timetable for the purchase of the Sydney property.

Even at rather busy times for her, Sherryl returned calls promptly and answered our queries without hesitation.

At times, Sherryl called us, to see how much progress was being achieved in organising our move – not to hurry us up, but simply to give us a little encouragement and assurance that things were proceeding normally.

We enjoyed the enthusiasm which Sherryl was able to share. It was a pleasure to work with someone who enjoyed and knew what she was doing.

We would not hesitate to recommend Patterson Real Estate to anyone wishing to sell or purchase a property.

Ina & Terrance Nilsson